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FREE Sample Lesson from Detectives of Divinity :: Children Grades 1-5

FREE Sample Lesson from Detectives of Divinity :: Children Grades 1-5


  • FREE Sample of the First Lesson from Detectives of Divinity Bible Lessons + Videos


  • Ideal for children in grades 1-5


Detectives like to solve mysteries. In this case, a “solution” is reached when students interact with the Bible story, when they detect God’s presence in the story and in their lives, and when they know a little bit more about God’s love for them. May it be so for you and the young souls in your life!

The Bible Story is presented in several ways:

  • The Biblical Background information for the leaders
  • The opening sketch
  • Reading the story from the Bible


  • The Memory Verse is Zephaniah 3:17 for the Old Testament stories
  • The New Testament verse is Luke 10:27 (posters included!)
  • The “Detectives of Divinity” song by Bryan Moyer Suderman is the theme song, available as a download in this curriculum.
  • The Reproducibles can serve as a take-home piece. Some lessons have additional reproducibles for the crafts and games.
  • The Detective File folders are used to file the case conclusion sheet that the students fill out at the end of the session.
  • The Holy Ground Prayer Activity is a wrap-up at the end.
  • The artwork for Detectives Diego and Dakota has been included for you to use to make posters, nametags, t-shirts, etc.
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Did you know...

Diego + Dakota are on the lookout for all the ways God shows up for us yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Our friend, Lydia, is loving her Detectives of Divinity class (see her t-shirt!). Our all-ages curriculum allows for parents, aunts, siblings, cousins, grandparents and friends to join in the same lessons and stories curated for each age group from preschool and children to youth and adult.

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