Spring is slipping into summer, and for many congregations, that means a scaled down version of Sunday school/faith formation because people are gone a lot.  So, what do those who are still coming learn from the Bible in the summer?

Here’s an idea. Check out the two VBS units on the website and say to yourself: “It’s not just for VBS anymore.” Because it’s not. Oh yes there are 5 sessions for preschool, and 5 sessions for children. You can use them for VBS, or not. AND there are five sessions for youth, and five sessions for adults! Hello!!!! Use them wherever and whenever you need to fill some spaces this summer! All of these 20 sessions are in one package for just $50. Is it worth $50 for people who come to your church this summer to get into the Bible and discover God in new ways in the stories and in their lives? You decide.