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Just for Youth is 15 sessions from the Detectives of Divinity curricula, packaged together in one unit and available online for $40. These same sessions can be found in the Smelly Camels, Nighttime Sleuthing, and God Rocks units. Just for Youth includes a variety of activities and ways to engage the Bible story and is adaptable for youth from 6th grade through high school.

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Three convenient ways to download:

Once you have completed your payment for Detectives 13 in our PayPal portal, there are three easy ways to download your resources:

First, your browser will automatically redirect back to your order confirmation page on the Springs Forth! website. There, you will find a blue button labeled “Detectives 13” under the “Downloads” section that you may click to automatically download the packaged files.

Second, once completing the purchase you will receive an email with a subject line like “Your Springs Forth! order complete.” In that email, the order details are shown in a set of columns, and one of the columns is labeled “Downloads.” Click the “Detectives 13” link under that column, and the full package should download automatically.

Finally, you can always go back into your account on the Springs Forth! website to get the download. Once logged in, hover over your username (it may be the first part of your email address, like “bobd” from “”) and click “Settings” from the drop-down. Then, click “Downloads” from the list on the left, and there will be a blue button labeled “Detectives 13” that you can click to download the package.

The downloaded package you’ll receive via any of these methods is a zipped folder that contains all the Detectives 13 resources. To unzip, right click and select “Extract” (on a PC), or double-click (on a Mac).


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