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Many stories in the Bible include significant “God Rocks,” and we highlight five of them in this curriculum. Rocks were frequently used to mark a place of meaning and significance. God was frequently portrayed as a Rock. Rocks were put to good use—as a pillow, as shelter, as altars.

In these sessions, Detectives Diego and Dakota recognize the rocks as clues to learning something meaningful about God. Each God Rock in these stories points to a spiritual truth, and the memory verses affirm that God is our rock and our salvation. Yes indeed, God rocks it in every story!

Detectives Vacation Bible School PLUS! is five sessions of Bible stories, activities, crafts, snack suggestions, worship, offering projects, skits, decoration ideas, graphics, and more. But this package isn’t just for children! There’s also a stream of five lessons for youth, and another five lessons for adults. So, if a congregation wants all ages to study the same stories together, it’s all here: preschool, children, youth, and adults.

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