A Pug + A Pig

A Pug + A Pig

How do you tell your children the story of the Good Samaritan? Maybe you start with a Pug and a Pig…..

A Pug and a Pig

fake mud hole made from a black tarp, sheet, or blanket


  1. Detective Diego
  2. a person prepared to look and act like a pig
  3. a person prepared to look and act like a pug dog

(Pig is on stage, in the mud hole, grunting and squirming around).
Detective Diego (to audience): My name is Detective Diego, and I am on a mission, looking for signs of God. Oh, what have we here?
Pug (saunters in and stops to observe the pig in the mud): Hello, Pig!
Pig (stops playing in the mud and looks at Pug): Hello, Pug!
Pug: Or should I say, Hello, Hog!
Pig: Or I could say, Hello, Dog!

(They both laugh like a hog and dog would laugh.)

Pug: It looks like you are a happy hog there in your mud.
Pig: I’m better than I was before I got in the mud.
Pug: Well, of course.
Pig: No, really. See, I got beat up real bad by some other pigs. Don’t ask me why. They just did. Bullied me right out of the pen. So, I came down here to heal in the mud.
Pug: Oh! I am so sorry to hear that. And you are here all alone?
Pig: Except for you.
Pug: Of course. May I come sit with you?
Pig: It’s kinda dirty. And you are a very clean dog.
Pug: It’s okay. I want to keep you company.
Pig: You sure?
Pug: Yes Pig, I am sure. I want to be your friend, and if that means sitting in the mud with you, then here I come!

(Pug jumps into the mud. Pig squeals. Pug settles down next to Pig.)

Pug: How’s that?
Pig: It’s nice to have a friend.
Pug: Even if it means getting a little muddy!
Detective Diego: Very interesting! Hmm.mm.mmm. This pug and pig remind me of a story that Jesus told about a man who got beat up, and who came along to help him. Very interesting . . .

This story is part of a Detectives of Divinity VBS PLUS curricula for all ages. 

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