Last Sunday, the children’s story teller at Tabor Church said “Our story today is about ten lepers. . .” But before she got any farther, 5-year-old Boyd piped up, his face bright with both innocence and wisdom:  “I know that story! They said ‘Jesus heal us!’ and Jesus said, ‘Go show yourself to the priests!’”

It threw the storyteller for a loop for a moment. After all, she was prepared to tell the story!

But Boyd knew it already. How?

Two words: Faith formation.

Boyd’s faith is being formed within his family and his church family. The story is written on Boyd’s heart and mind because he heard it and he absorbed it. His response was as quick as if I would say “Tomorrow is Thanks…..” and you say “giving.”

Which, of course, is what the Ten Lepers story is about.  Ten are healed, but only one comes back to Jesus to say thank you! One person chose to express gratitude.

Pastor Phil dug deeper into the story of the ten lepers in his sermon, and continued the theme of Choose Gratitude. How can we cultivate a practice of gratitude in our lives? How can our faith and trust in God bring gratitude to the surface before the criticism and judging that so often rears its ugly head?

How can gratitude become as automatic as Boyd’s response?

“I know that story!  They said, ‘Jesus, heal us!’”

Yes, Jesus, heal us!